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Writing on Stone Press

Action, Accommodation Accountability: Rules of Order for Canadian Organizations cover

Action, Accommodation Accountability: Rules of Order for Canadian Organizations
by Tom Urbaniak

Pages: 182
ISBN: 9780981152929
Dimensions: 21.6 X 14.0 cm
Shipping Weight: 239 g
Price: $22.95

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With real-life examples and anecdotes, Action, Accommodation, Accountability is easy to read and easy to apply. Based on Canadian practices and traditions, these procedures are designed for modern, diverse organizations. Whether you are in the non-profit sector, business, or government, this is your guide to lively, respectful deliberations and productive meetings.
- Run your meetings fairly and objectively.
- Challenge your organization and its leaders to do better.
- Understand opposing views.
- Raise the level of debate.
- Reach decisions and move forward.

About the Author

Tom Urbaniak

Tom Urbaniak, PhD, studies meetings and assemblies as an academic expert on governance, and he is an active citizen and volunteer. He has chaired and served on many boards and committees, for large and small organizations, at the local, provincial, and national levels. He was the first Chair of the Bylaws and Procedures Committee for the Senate of Cape Breton University. Tomís previous books include Her Worship: Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga (University of Toronto Press, 2009.)


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