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Writing on Stone Press

Alternative Resumes: Definitely NOT Your Parents’ Resume Book cover

Alternative Resumes: Definitely NOT Your Parents’ Resume Book
by Michael Howard

Pages: 212
ISBN: 9780981152912
Dimensions: 21.6 x 28 cm
Shipping Weight: 490 g
Price: $21.95

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Alternative Resumes is definitely NOT your parents’ resume book. These creative, eye-catching resumes are especially designed for young job seekers and the sectors where they work. Don’t think you’ve got enough experience to put on a resume? Think again – you’ll find hundreds of ideas and examples to represent your interests, activities and experience as valuable assets to employers.

Alternative Resumes has 140 targeted resumes for jobs in:

Labour & Trades
Office & Technical
Community Service
And More!

You’ll also find:

Case studies for the "how to" for resume design
FAQ’s to answer the top 18 resume questions
A comprehensive worksheet so you can transform your talent & experience into your own Alternative Resume

Alternative Resumes: Definitely NOT Your Parents' Resume Book! is an excellent resource for career counsellors & teachers. Heavy on examples, & streamlined on advice, it's designed so counsellors and job seekers can easily plan and execute individual resumes - in a flexible, creative format that catches the employers' attention.

"Michael Howard’s resume books have been a highly effective resource in the YWCA Vancouver employment resource centres that work with job seekers 15 – 30 years of age. In fact, the books are so successful that they keep getting stolen!”"

Melanie Hardy, Program Manager
YWCA, Career Zone

About the Author

Michael Howard

Author & career consultant Michael Howard specializes in designing targeted, compelling & attractive resumes for teens & young adults. As a former hiring manager, Michael brings the employers perspective to helping hundreds of young people navigate the job market. His previous collections sold thousands, earning rave reviews from career counselors & job seekers.

Visit Michael’s website at www.alternativeresumes.com


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